The vision behind my photography is to give a voice to items and places of our past using ambient moon light supplemented by varying colors of supplemental hand held light. While we are living our lives, we are surrounded by relics of our failures and our successes, reminders of days filled with laughter, and with heartaches. These monuments are a testament of ingenuity and progress, and of fleeting loyalties. These reminders of our past can be hidden away in rural country sides, but are often hidden in plain sight without being acknowledged by our busy lives. I try to help these objects and places share their stories and memories, using light and color to give them a voice. What are they thinking as they watch our busy lives? Are they thinking about happy memories, or are they angry at being abandoned? They remain steadfast, resolute even as the passage of time is visible in the movement of the trees, the trails of light in the streets, and the passage of stars and clouds across the sky. Before taking a picture I often spend time absorbing the atmosphere, waiting on the relics to let me know what the story is that they want me to tell. The emotions projected by these objects guides my selection of colors and my composition of each scene.

All photographs were taken at night utilizing moonlight while the color effects were created in front of the lens with flashlights and handheld strobes. By using long exposure times I am able to move in front of the camera and paint the scene in light, further reinforcing the divide between the steadfastness of the object living in the past, and the present that is constantly moving away which is also often visible by the passage of the moon and stars, the movement in the vegetation, and sometimes vehicles in the background. Small adjustments were made in post-processing, but the pictures you see in front of you are an accurate representation of the work done on scene.